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We are Brandingify, a creative design service.
We help companies and brands to become understandable and meaningful.



Web Design

Get your brand new website with our professional web design service! We build modern, clean and responsive websites using different content management systems!

Graphic Design

There’s not limit to what you can get designed by Brandingify. Whether you are looking for a amazing new logo or some ambitious flyers, our talented team can make it happen.

Digital Marketing

Let Brandingify’s digital marketing team help you to develop an online marketing strategy to drive more qualified visitors to your site and convert those visitors into leads and sales.

Print Media

We know how to utilize print media for marketing. We know the limits imposed by varying size of businesses, and within those limits work towards offering best possible solution.

Post Production

Brandingify’s post production services range from quality control, mastering, video and audio editing, photo editing, captioning, subtitling to state-of-the-art outstanding special effects.


We can tell you a secret. There are two ways to tell stories in digital: you can create content for services, or you can create services for content. Should we start to write your story?




Brandingify is unique branding service - we are a collaboration of branding experts from disciplines such as brand naming, strategy, advertising, and digital. For almost 10 years we've created brands with distinction - helping our clients' brands get an unfair share of attention, competitive advantage, and grow!

Making the right impressions with your brand is vital to your success. We take it seriously! Send an email today to see your brand come alive for amazing value!
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About Us

Brandingify has only one goal - we work collaboratively with our clients to create powerful and effective stories which stands out from the crowd.

First, Brandingify is a branding expert - we are not like other agencies or branding services. We are fast-thinking, creative, agile, collaborative, and have an interactive, passionate, and open way of working. Brandingify believes that none of us is as smart as all of us. Brandingify places solving on our client's brand challenges at the heart of what we do and we work with your to create perfect solutions that best solve your creative and strategic brand challenges.

We work with bloggers, small businesses, start-ups, big corporations and celebrities - We are equally passionate about the work what we do with our clients. And while Brandingify is branding service, we are really business to business - focused on delivering results, bottom line growth and problem solving. We are serious about the work we do, we make sure we have fun doing it and you'll see pretty quickly that we are passionate about branding. Some brands want to step forward, others want to leap ahead - whatever your goals you have - We are here to help.

Step 1 - Kickoff Meeting

We start with a meeting to assess your requirement. We call this the ice breaker. We come prepared with a Framework of questions to help us understand your brand goal, vision, and current pain-points.

Step 2 - Research & Strategy

We then engage in research to understand your target market, your potential & missing links in your current brand strategy and performance, to create a sustainable brand roadmap.

Step 3 - Build A Story

A story is the most important thing for a company today. It ties up your connection with your product, your consumer, and your organization. So we build you a story that does all three!

Step 4 - Your Visual Identity

We create a robust visual identity for your brand through colors, tones, and design elements that will define every brand move, giving you maximum brand recall.

Step 5 - Presentation & Approval

Finally we talk through our findings and our guidelines with you, and make iterations until you’re comfortable with your brand identity.


Creative Projects

Over the years Brandingify have earned a reputation for creating brands that become the foundation for the stories brands want to tell. Below are just some of the works what we have created for startups, small businesses, companies and individual persons from TV actors to bloggers!

Grandma Lucy’s

Growth Agency

Hero Cycles

The Vanity Box

Best Cryptos

Marissa Webb

Josh White Racing

The Senate Group

Made Renovation

Atlanta Brewing

Skye & Staghorn

Broken Arrow

What People Say?


Effective Team

It’s not just about our skills, it’s how we use them. We’re all on our own individual journeys to be our personal best, but have opted to come together to achieve a collective legacy — your legacy.

We know the stakes are high, which is why we put our reputation on the line along with yours and only create work that we’re deeply proud of. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sami Ketolainen

Founder & Main Designer
Sami is a Web Designer & Branding Specialist with extensive experience designing in an e-commerce / direct-to-consumer environment. He is passionate, about both technology and design. Not only is he able to create innovative digital designs that exceed strategic and creative expectations, he is also able to bring brand to life in video/animation format, engaging customers in various social media platforms. He is able to tell stories with visuals that build brands.

Sami Ketolainen leads a truly innovative and talented Brandingify around the globe! He started his journey as an website designer & branding specialist at the amazing age of 18. Growing an excess of 10 online companies from concept to seed stage to profitable businesses in his career, he possesses the vision required to differentiate your brand. As a successful entrepreneur, he understands what is required to fully bring a brand alive and to tell the visual story of your business.

Hard Skills:

CMS Knowledge
Programming Languages
Web Design (UI and UX)
Photo Editing

Soft Skills:

Planning Skills
Prototype Building
Brand Identity
Competition Analysis

Official partners of Josh White Racing

Brandingify is a proud partner of Josh White, a U.S. Marine Veteran known as NASCARs or Motorsports "Fighting Marine". Josh is the first U.S. Marine to race NASCAR since Larry Frank in 1966 and is the only active NASCAR driver to be a U.S. Marine in current competition!


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Tell us about your customers and your business goals, and we’ll give you a broader perspective on consumer behaviour, up-and-coming phenomena, and the tools to design businesses fit for the future. Just drop us a line or give us a call, and we’ll make it happen together.


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